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Health and Safety: Have you carried out ISOPA Tank Farm Assessments?

15 March 2014

Tank Farm Assessments are carried out by ISOPA members upon request from PU foam plant managers based on a harmonized checklist produced by the association. The TFA is a non-binding exercise that allows discussing possible improvements to be brought to practices and installations in the plant. Its ultimate goal is to prevent releases of isocyanates or exposure of workers to the substances during unloading and storage (also in case of incidents) in cooperation with plant managers.

The current version of the harmonized checklist is available HERE. Please note however that it is in the process of review and that a new version should be available soon.

In the meantime, PU foam manufacturers interested in Tank Farm Assessments should contact their supplier of TDI / MDI who can carry out that assessment with them.

In case of incidents related to the transport of isocyanates, EUROPUR and EURO-MOULDERS members can contact ISOPA or the relevant Emergency Response Centre in their country (open 24/7). Phone numbers are available HERE.