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EURO-MOULDERS is a non-profit industry association, representing the European Manufacturers of Moulded PU Parts for the Automotive Industry.

Founded in 1998 and located in Brussels, we have been representing our industry and been providing a platform to discuss and act on the major issues related to production and use of moulded polyurethane parts for more than two decades.

Our mission is to promote the unique benefits of moulded PU parts used in automotive applications, to study the scientific and technical data of common interest to the industry, as well as to address future-oriented developments related to moulded polyurethane parts used in the automotive industry.

Our activities notably consist of: 

  • Examining problems of general interest in the manufacture, distribution, use, recovery and recycling of moulded PU parts for the automotive industry
  • Organisation of seminars, meetings, events and providing information aimed at educating any stakeholder with an interest in moulded polyurethane parts for automotive applications 
  • Collection, examination and interpretation of legal and other relevant regulations
  • Representing the industries’ interest in the preparation of new (European) regulations

EURO-MOULDERS’s members are Tier 1 and 2 manufacturers of moulded polyurethane parts for the automotive industry, ranging for example from car seating to acoustic insulation and dashboards. Our members operate majority of the moulded foam plants for automotive seating in Europe. We aim at connecting the organisations along the automotive PU parts value chain to cooperate for the common benefit of the industry. Thus, we also welcome associate members – mainly raw material suppliers to the PU industry.


To achieve its mission, EURO-MOULDERS relies on cooperation between experts from its member organisations in working groups, which operate according to the priorities set by our members. The Technical Committee is EURO-MOULDERS’ main working group. Our members also actively participate in shared working groups with our sister association EUROPUR, namely: Product Stewardship, Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), Sustainability and Communication.
Our strength is in numbers: in recent years between 30 and 40 experts with numerous backgrounds regularly participate in the work of individual working groups.

Chair: Dr. Stephan Wendel, EURO-MOULDERS

The Technical Committee of EURO-MOULDERS addresses matters directly linked to moulded polyurethane parts for automotive applications. Topics worked on notably include foam physical properties, emissions and vehicle indoor air quality, raw materials and foam odour, as well as technical issues key players in the PU industry should be jointly working on to improve moulded PU parts in general. 

In addition, EURO-MOULDERS members actively participate in working groups coordinated by our sister organization EUROPUR for topics of interest to polyurethane foam producers in general, such as Sustainability, Product Stewardship and Environment, Health & Safety.

Chair: Adri Aerts, Senior Technical Advisor, The Vita Group

The Product Stewardship working group discuss all issues related to polyurethane foam and raw materials. It seeks to ensure that polyurethane foam is produced according to the highest standards and in compliance with all legislation relating to chemical substances used in foam production. As such it:

  • Cooperates with other stakeholders along the PU foam supply chain for continuous product improvement, as well as for information collection on risk assessments and exposure scenarios for substances used in the manufacturing of PU foam.
  • Monitors regulatory developments relating to substances, notably under the REACH Regulation, and informs members so that they can act accordingly to comply with legislation.
  • Provides input into initiatives that aim at allowing market uptake of environmentally-friendly products.

Chair: Georg Pirkl, Global Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs, Covestro

Vice-Chair: Paul Howard, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Adient

The Environment, Health & Safety working group is composed of representatives of flexible PU foam manufacturers and suppliers to the industry, which cooperate to:

  • Analyse potential risks linked to the production of moulded polyurethane parts for the automotive industry, notably as regards the handling of raw materials.
  • Makes recommendations to the industry to ensure progress towards ever safer workplaces.
  • Discuss and evaluate best practises for the production of flexible moulded polyurethane foam, with a strong focus on the protection of workers and the environment.
  • Exchange information on incidents and near-incidents in foaming plants to allow members to learn from each other and help in mitigating risks across the entire industry.
  • Exchange information on the implementation of EU legislation related to production facilities by EU Member States.
  • Create a Training material course allowing members to comply with REACH Restriction for Diisocyanates.
  • Provide input into regulatory discussions on safe handling of chemicals at EU level but also in Member States.
  • Liaise with the rest of the supply chain to improve safety on shared activities (e.g. transportation of raw materials)

Chair: Bart Haelterman, R&D Director, Recticel Engineered Foams

Vice-Chairs: Marcel Moeller, Global Sustainability Director, Dow & Mike Murray, Chief Technology Officer, The Vita Group

This working group  provides a platform for members to exchange knowledge and information on the lifecycle of flexible polyurethane foam. This includes innovative raw materials, improvement of production processes, recycling of post-industrial and post-consumer foams and recycling technologies.

It closely monitors discussions taking place at EU and Member State level and, where relevant, provides input on end-of-life of foam-containing products, extended producer responsibility schemes and legislation pertaining to specific products (e.g. mattresses, furniture, automobiles).

In 2022 a specialised ‘Advocacy Working Group’ has been formed. Participants are industry experts in the field of sustainability, coming from member companies active in recycling of flexible polyurethane foam.  The group reports to Chair of the Sustainability WG. 

Chair: Bart ten Brink, President, EUROPUR

A communications working group has been relaunched in 2022. It is supporting the Secretariat to:

  • Promote the unique benefits of flexible polyurethane foam and the moulded PU pars for the automotive industry – in its multiple applications – in cooperation with other stakeholders from the supply chain, 
  • Help with organising our Annual Conference,
  • Coordinate our social media messaging.


Jean-Christophe LHOMMEAU

President ADIENT