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02 June 2016

EURO-MOULDERS publishes guide on PU foam in automotive seating

EURO-MOULDERS, the European Association of Manufacturers of Moulded Polyurethane Parts for the Automotive Industry, has published a new guide entitled “Getting to understand moulded polyurethane foam for automotive seating”.

The aim of this document is to enlighten customers of moulded polyurethane foam cushion producers in the automotive supply chain about the specificities linked to the production of such cushions.

The guide was created to explain:

  • How moulded PU foam came to its overwhelming market share in seat cushioning
  • How it is produced and processed
  • What its properties are
  • How PU foam plants are organized
  • Which complex parameters influence the properties of foam
  • It can be downloaded free of charge below.

To read more, please download